Unicorns 2 Pink Horns and Pink Tails: Worn by a Dummy Inventory Sell-out

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Unicorns 2 Pink Horns and Pink Tails: Worn by a Dummy Inventory Sell-out

2 Pink unicorn horns and 2 pink yarn unicorn tails for party of 2 little girls who believe in magic.

  • Little girls believe in the mythical and magical dreams of things like unicorns. This four piece set is  Heart Felt Play Store's last unicorn horns and tails:this retail store display design, any way is at this reduced price.
  • 6 more unicorn set are on the way in April, 2017  Price will return to regualr price.

 Perfect for party favors or simple unicorn costume.




  1.  pink,white fleece/ felt
  2. polyester stuffing
  3. decorative twine
  4. decorative feathers
  5. thread
  6. plastic headband
  7. yarn
  8. hot glue
  9. imagination

Pre-kindergarten classroom teachers and moms and dads who encourage their child's imagination will enjoy this money saving sell-out on this display model set. Heart Felt Play Store does have similar unicorn horn and tails that were also on display or last of stock that are also on Worn by a Dummy Inventorey Sell-out.

  • Sadly the white covered headbands are slightly soiled from being the displays.
  • Not to worry. The fleece/felt may be wiped clean with a damp clothe and drop of Dawn, then rinsed with clear water.
  • After sprucing up these horns you may want to add a little more magic by gluing on a few flowers in the girl's favorite colors on the headband and the tails, too.

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