Tropical Island Fish Note Pad Party Favor: set of 5

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Tropical Island Fish Note Pad Party Favor: set of 5

Fish notes are a practical party favor for the kids Tropical Island party.

  • Set of 5 different colorful fish designs on notepads covers.
  • Blank inside.
  • Bonus of a randon fish notepad. 6th one is FREE

Here are some suggstions of themes these fish note pads might go with as a party favor:

  1. "Under the Sea"
  2. Gone fishing
  3. "Moana"
  4. "Finding Nemo"

 For a Treasure Trove of ideas for fish related events with the kids check out No NOn-cents Nanna's Pinterest boards: Under the Sea and Moana dress-up and crafts

  • Mailed in bubble wrap envelope.
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