The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Collectors Edition

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Don't ever let any one tell you a secret!

Do you ever question your purpose for being on the planet where you live?

Have you ever wondered what secrets the universe holds?

Have you ever wondered what if you were really someone in the wrong body?

The author Malika Bourne shares the above questions with her protagonist in The Secrets of the Unwritten Book.

The novels open in the market place of Lamoria. I is busy with those who wish to barter, dance to the Leprechauns' dueling fiddles or splash in the colorful fountain with the cherubs, fairies and gypsies. Friends are keepers of magic and dreams. Lovers are made for each other. King of the Sultans, Angelo and Malika the Queen of Disipline  shared endless romance until their peaceful world was disrupted. How will they ever live without each other when they are torn apart by a dangerous mission.

Although the reader knows all along, during the mission that is to bring back peace to the perfect world Malika has no memory of who she is nor where you came from. The protagonist Anna Baker questions, but can't quite pull it together until she meets up with someone from her other life. Now she is told that her destiny is to re-write secrets in a book that is unwritten in time when she is reunited with her true love An-gel-o !  

Warning!  Readers become infatuated with this loving guardian angel. Forget about Anna Baker! Everyone wants to get into Lamoria to have their own sexy guardian angel be revealed.

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The reader now is faced with his/her own questions:

Could a psychic with angelic connections  awaken you to the facts that your own life had been a collection of notes about the universe? Is it possible that every chapter of your life was actually a carefully monitored, woven tapestry- puzzle written inside of a magical book that had existed for eons?

Co-authors Malika Bourne and Grace Rose invite you to embark on a journey of self discovery. Are the secrets revealed in The Secrets of the Unwritten Book fact or fiction?

The anwers to the reader's questons will be revealed in the upcoming sequel A World Disconnected by novelist Malika Bourne. The soon to be published novel will be the greatest "ah-ha" of the reades entire life.