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Children can use their imagination with this simple felt road play mat.

No cars nor trucks are included at this extremely low price on the floor display model sell out. Sold "as is". No refunds.

 Green felt with grey felt machine sewn on play roads.  Hand-crafted irregularities provide children with the opportunity to observe construction of their play items. Kids don't need fancy to have fun.

This would be an appreciated gift to a early childhood class room. Pre-kindergarten teachers understand the great value of play things that are simple enough to leave open room for a child to explore by adding or taking away objects like cars or pretend houses and animals.

This one piece mat should be safe enough for a tot to sit on and play with safe size toys.

Note from No Non-cents Nanna: I noticed that my large felt product that was used as floor models had piceked up some dust.*

No Problem! I generally machine wash on gentle those large peices that I have for my grandchildren. Surprisingly felt washes fairly well if you don't need to wash it too often.

*Heart Felt Play Store will be adding a little something extra when you order this road play mat. You will be informed of your FREE gift with your order confirmation.

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