POS: Race Car Checkered Flag Party Treat Bag

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POS: Race Car Checkered Flag Party Treat Bag

One Black Party Treat Bag for boys ( and girls) to celebrate a birthday with a race car theme includes:

  • 1 black and white checkered plastic flag. ( Manufactured)
  • 4 race car tattoos
  • 1 black rubber checkered race car flag
  • 1 black cake bag/ treat bag

Save time racing around town to find car theme novleties with this collection as you save money versus purchasing items seperately. 

 Here's a fun idea: To some one you are far away from send by snail mail this checkered flag collection with the note that reads, "I'll be racing back to you ..."

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This Race Car Flag set is POS at local Colorado Springs retail shope, Creative Expressions occ, 2501 west Colorado ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado. This item is shipped from Heart Felt Play Store at this local addess. Please allow one extra day for pacakaging and shipping.


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