Sun Shine: Felt Stuffed

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Sun Shine: Felt Stuffed

Share some sunshine with those you love.

This hand-crafted stuffed yellow felt sunshine is approximately 12 inches diameter, depending how hard you hug it.   Polyester stuffing gives dimention to this bright and bold statement.

The orange felt triangle sunrays give this squishy pillow/ hanging weather ornament added pizaz of color to any child's bed room or pre-K class room.

  • Hang the sunshine from the ceiling by the small felt loop;
  • sit on it;
  • bop it around.

This felt with polyester fill pillow/ ornament is washable on gentle cycle.

WARNING! Not meant for children under age 3. Not meant as a pillow to sleep with.

Note from No Non-cents Nanna: Each of my hand-crafted sun shine pillows are unique. There will some  variance with no 2 exactly alike.

This is a POS ( Point of Sale ) limited stock Heart Felt Play Store hand-crafted item sold locally at Creative Expressions occ, 2501 West Colorado ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904. I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.


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