Pirate Party for 6: Steal of Deal in Savings

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Pirate Party for 6: Steal of Deal in Savings

Pirate party of 6 is steal of a deal at over $90 value if sold seperately.

 I'd walk the pank for this pirates ransom of pirate party favors and treats! Arg!

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Heart Felt Play Store founder gathered up all kinds of pirates loot for one party with 6 boys or girls. OUT of STOCK, but, request a special priced pirate kit suits cutome ordered for your needs.

List of loot:

  1. 6 black pirate hats (kid size) (My regular retail price is $5 each)
  2. 2 card board chest ($1.25 each)
  3. 6 eye patches (75 cents each)
  4. 6 glitter pouches with 5 gold painted plastic coins ($1.25 each)
  5. 6 skull notepads (50 cents each)
  6. 1 plastic message in a botlle. ( The secret to opening the bottle is to open from the bottom.) ($4 each)
  7. 1 cardboard parrot photo prop ($1 each)
  8. 6 diy shark necklaces ($2.25 each)
  9. 2 pirate maps for 2 teams of games with extra gold coins and 2 rubber pirate rings in cello bag. ($4.50 each)
  10. Stretchy rubber skeleton ($1 each)

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