Pirate Hats, Game Prizes and a Castle to Plunder, too!

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Pirate Hats, Game Prizes and a Castle to Plunder, too!

Pirate Party for 3 with prizes, party favors, a treasure chest and a castle to plunder: CHEAP!

Here is a whale of deal for 3 small pirate who are ready to party. Heart Play Store treasure hunted all the pirate booty. All you have to do is invite the kids then feed 'em some tastey party treats.*

This one of a kind pirate collection includes:

  1. 1 grey felt castle apx 36" x 36" (Discounted Display item in local retail store. Was $15.  You save a pirates ransom with this colelction if you don't mind a display item.) Pin to the wall or use horizontal sleeve to run a bar or curtain rod thru'. Can machine wash on gentle cycle.)
  2. 3 blue felt hand-crafted pirate hats in child sizes.
  3. 3 pirate maps (No charge as these were one display, too. Lucky you.)
  4. Message in a bottle ($4 Secret opening is near the bottom)
  5. 3 skull and cross bone note pads ( 50 Cents each)
  6. 3 diy necaklaces with anchor charms ($1.50 each)
  7. 9 plastic fish for a game @ 25 cents each
  8. 1 Shark necklace for a grand prize ($2.50)
  9. 3 temporary tattoos n/c
  10. Dozen gold coins @ 15 cents each
  11. Stretchy rubber skeleton for creepiness @$1 each
  12. 1 cardboard treasure chest @$1.25 each

WARNING! Not for children under age 3

*Follow my Pirates ARG! board on Pinterest for great pirate eats ideas and games.

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Follow my PIRATES ARG! board on Pinterest for more pirate inspiration!


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