Party Favor: Puppy Notepads

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Party Favor: Puppy Notepads

Puppy notepads are useful party favors: classroom rewards; incentives or event swag bags.

  • Set of 4 different puppy faces
  • aproximately 4 inches.

Cute puppy notepads will unlease your creative ideas:

  • Take a notepad home in a doggie bag...doodle
  •  Carry in your back pocket or a back pack.
  •  Attatch a business lable to advertise your Doggy Day Care when your customers take the pampered puppy home.
  • Shipping fee and applicable sales taxes are applied at check-out when shipped.
  • Alow up to 2 weeks for delivery just in case of Murphy's Law.. Tho' most Heart Felt Play Store orders happily arrive at our customers door within 3 to 5 days. Mailed USPS directly from Colorado




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