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Parents will let the kids "horse around" * with this 20" square brown horse face bandana at the next birthday party.

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More farm related polyester bandanas bear cartoon faces of:

  1. pink pig's snout black white spotted  cow with a pink nose.These are sold seperately on more Farm Theme pages.
  2. Manufactured in China


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    • To wear, simply fold the bandana in a triangle then tie behind the child's head and you have a pretend horse ready to play on the farm.*
    • Bandanas are easy to lift up to munch on carrot or apple horse treats passed aroung in carrots shape cellofavor bags. ( Sold on Heat Felt Play Store.)
    • Lift the bandana to drink from a mini galvanized bucket also sold individually on Heart Felt Play Store.

     Note from the No Non-cents Nanna

    * Folks, be sure to always set limits with the kids. "Horse around" with in safe boundaries you state.

    • It is so nice when children share. However, I advise that children not share their bandanas afte they have had them next to their mouths and noses. Be sure to write each student's / guest's name on their farm animal bandana.
    • Do you have a theme party coming up? Be sure to order 3 or more weeks in advance.  manufactured items.   
    • Do you have a theme party coming up? Be sure to order 3 or more weeks in advance to allow for shipping and fullfilment re-stocking sold out items.   Quantities are limited.
    • Feel free to communicate with Malika Bourne owner of Heart Felt Play Store just to be sure of availability for that special party. For multiples of 6 or more request a discount CODE to use with your order.

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