Farm Animal Masks: Color Yourself

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Farm Animal Masks: Color Yourself

Kids love to color this set of 4 assorted farm animal masks are fun to wear after choosing to color the animal mask their way.

Only 1 set left. So sorry! Currently On Back Order

Set of 4 farm animal masks craft inlcudes:1-pig, 1-lamb, 1-horse, 1-cow. and 4 latex elastic strings. So cute, how can you choose a favorite?

Early childhood benefits:

  • dramatic play
  • art/ colors
  • science
  • small motor/ manipulative
  • imagination fun
  • communication/ vocalize animal sounds
  • making choices/ self esteem

Warning: not for children under age 3.

Add to WISH List to reserve your maks When these masks return tto stock please allow upt to 14 days for delivery, unless your set is reserved.

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Tip from No Non-cents Nanna: parents/ teacher provide media of choice for children (above age 3) to color and/ or decorate these animal face masks. 

Manufactured OTC

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