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Display Sell-out! last one! POINT of SALE Local event only.

Kids Love to dramatic play as our pets with spotted dog ears on headband, tail even spotted socks.

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...this is the ONLY set in stock! They were in a display window. 
  • This spotted dog set with ribbon ears on plastic head band; ribbon tail on elastic waist band; and manufactured spotted dog socks is the final count down on dog spots on display. YAY! You get to save money form the slashed priced.!
  • Sadly this display set is slightly soiled..as things get when you let children explore..simply wipe clean with a damp clothe and a tiny drop of Dawn. Rinse off with clear water.
  • Yes, this set WAS worn by a dummy in a local retail store. See the yellow Sophie-Do-It-Doll in the 2nd image. Feel free to download the image to show your friends when you order this spotted dog set.



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Kids love to play act out their favorite pets and animal just about any time. Great for a "Pound Puppy" of "Secret Life of Pets" inspired party or just pretending to be a family pet puppy.

  • Pre-kindergarten teachers love this kind of dress-up costume in their early childhood classroom. (Parents may consider gifting some dress-up clothes for theri kdis classroom.)
  • Perfect for dog theme birthday party or an everyday dress-up box.

Early childhood benefits:

  • dramatic play
  • science
  • small motor/ manipulative
  • imagination fun
  • organization

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