Dress-up Play Long Dark Brown Yarn Braided Wig POS POP-up

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Dress-up Play Long Dark Brown Yarn Braided Wig POS POP-up

Long braided dark brown yarn dress-up play wig for princess girls that won't get tangeled...going...going...GONE...into Mega Princess Dress-up Box available Saurday April 8, 2017...POS BeMore Event Center, Colorado Springs

For generations the fairy tale princesses like  Rapunzel, has inspired most girls to want very long hair when they play dress-up. 

Note: only one yarn wig headband in stock. For more than one please contact Heart Felt Play Store 30 days in advance for these handmade wig headbands.*

  • Dark Brown yarn is loop tied on a plasic head band
  • When completed polyester yarn wig is aproximately 36 inches from crown of plastic head band to the top tip of braided yard.
  • Manufactured flowers are hand sewn with thread/ hot glued.. Colors and variety of flowers will vary. *Colors are randomly selected.Image shows less than will be on your wig. 
  • Latex hair tie
  • This page features dark brown polyester yarn. More colors of yarn are available. -see catalog. 
  • Cleaning:

Do not put in washing machine. Hand wipe with damp cloth.

 Please note: Heart Felt Play store has only one official employee: the No Non-cents Nanna. There is is no staff standing by to anwer you messages, tho' Nanna gets back to you as soon as possible. What customers need to know BEFORE Purchasing from Heart Felt Play Store  Click HERE to read.




Note from No Non-cents Nanna:

Should your child's play hair head band get broken, please, contact Malika Bourne, owner of Heart Felt Play Store. make arrangements to mail all the pieces back to address that will be sent via confirmation email. I, Malika Bourne, will replace the braided yarn on a new head band FREE of  CHARGE. You pay ALL the shipping costs.

Due to the viral nature of Disney inspired movies, such as this  Frozen /Tangeled inspired braid, please allow UP to 7 to 10 days for your 1 to 4 Made-to-Order long braided yarn wig(s).You will be emailed ETA with confirmation.

*Note from No Non-cents Nanna:Feel free to contact Heart Felt Plat Store letting me know what are your girls' favorite colors. I will do my best to attach those favorite colors as much as possible. ( subject to availablity.)

Should you desire longer or shorter hair, please feel fee to special order., PRIOR to check out. Check out prices will be adjusted when cost of special order is calcuated.

  • Mailed via USPS. Shipping fee added at check out. 
  • State and local taxes added  at check out when applicable.


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