Dress-up Box Jungle T-shirts, Tails, Masks or Ears Last Set

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Last Chance Savings!

Four kid size Jungle T-shirt sets previously worn by a store dummy.

Perfect for early childhood learning on a zoo or jungle animal theme in the dramatic play area of the classroom, a dress-up box at home, or a wild animal theme birthday party.

Price reduced for Worn by a Dummy SALE.

  1. Hand-crafted long-neck giraffe T-shirt size youth. Felt spots and felt neck. Fleece tail to pin on pants or bottom of T-shirt. Manufactured foam Giraffe mask.
  2. Hand-decorated orange tiger T-shirt, size youth. Permanent marker black stripes. Felt tail with safety pin. Manufacture orange and black foam stripe tiger mask.
  3. Hand-decorted black zebra T-shirt white permanent marker stripes. Manufactured black and white zebra mask with latex elastic string. Sorry no tail for this zebra. Child size T-shirt.
  4. Monkey brown T-shirt with pink fleece stitched on belly. Monkey ears made of fleece and felt are hot glued on to plastic headband. Moneky tail is stretchy bristel textured fabric with a bendable wire sewn inside. Tail ties on around the waist.

    This set of jungle animal dress-up box set is a pre-school teacher's dream come true. Parents, grab this one-of-a-kind bargain to gift your pre-k child's classroom before someone else buys this fun T-shirt set. What you see if all there is on close -out.

     WARNING! This set is not intended for children under age 3.

    This set is not fancy, but promises tons of fun for kids over age 3 to age 8. T-shirt sizes vary from small to youth. Product is "AS IS". T-shhirts are polyester cotton blend.


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    Here's the story behind this jungle animal theme dramatic play clothes:

    Heart Felt Play Store hand-crafted items were sold in local retail shoppe for a while. It was decided that it would be best for Heart Felt Play Store items to be only sold on-line. All products that were still on display and worn by 40 inch felt dummy, Sophie -do-it-dolls, were packed up  in boxes now stacked up in a tiny home office space. YIKES! Lots of something has to be sold off at bargain prices if No Non-cents Nanna wants to walk though her home again in the near future.


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