Dress-up Black Cat T-shirt and foam Mask set

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Dress-up Black Cat T-shirt and foam Mask set

Black cat T-shirt, hand-crafted curly black cat tail with foam black and white cat mask for the kids dress-up closet.

This one-of-a-kind set features a simple black poylester cotton blend T-shirt with a white sewn on pretend cat fur chest comes with a black fleece tail (wire inside for bending) that pins on to a pair of pants. Also included is one foam black cat mask with white overlay for cat white colora around the mouth and forehead..

Perfect for play school dress-up. Each to pull on small/youth size t-shirt is machine washable, seperately or with dark colors. The foam mask may be wiped clean with soap and water and mild disenfectant between uses.It is recommended to allow only one child to wae the mask bewteen cleaning. 

This set is the last of it's kind, for a while, was on display at a local shoppe. All of Heart Felt Play Store items that were on display are now on CLOSE OUT via this on-line store, only. First come-first-served customer get the savings on the very last one!


Note from No Non-cents Nanna: Almost every child wants to "be a cat" at one time or another. Parents don't be surprise if your little kitten wants to drink form a bowl of milk on the floor.

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