Donations for Service-Dog-Training to Becoming the Trainer POS

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Donations for Service-Dog-Training to Becoming the Trainer POS

 Donations accepted for Amber-Service-Dog-in-Training to help cover the funds for  2 years of of classes and testing Amber will need to become a full on service dog for David.

David has severe MS. He is the son of Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna, the founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store. Malika is saving David over $18,000 for a Service Dog for her son by raising and training a hand-picked* German Shepard/ Lab named puppy Amber as well as an opportunity for David and Amber to bond in her early years.

 Amber will be attending weekly classes with: *Becoming the Trainer with Dana Ortiz, ABCDT & AKC Evaluator

Watch Amer grow on Facebook Amber Service Dog in Training

Altho' David can no longer stand and is legally blind he still builds websites and manages all of his mother's websites and answers phones with his amazing deep resonating voice.

First Amber iwll learn to become a good canine citizen. Eventually Amber's job will be to do things like picked up dropped objects for David; open and close doors; alert David to room tempertures that are too warm. ( People with MS do not' tolerate heat. David's legs will have painful spasms when the temperature is over 72 degrees.) ...and many more tasks...

We will be working on T-shirts to sell. Those profits will goe into Amber's training funds as well.

Thank you for helping David collect funds for Ambers official training classes.