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6 piece Doggy Bag

This cello doggy bag is full of fun stuff kids will love this unique pupy collection as a party favor or stocking stuffer.

  1. Cello Doggy Bag ( Not sold on anyother page)
  2. Dog Nose only ( See catalog page for Short pointed Dog Ears and Nose set )
  3. Puppy Note Pad (Colors vary) Also sold in sets of 4 on another catalog page
  4. Dog Collar Bracelet (Colors vay) Also sold on another catalog page
  5. Paw Print Tattoo (View tattoo collections sets HERE )
  6. Bone shapped Eraser Perfect for dog games.( Not shown. Not sold on any other pages.).

 These puppY dog dog items were conveniently collected by Heart Felt Play Store owner from our US supplier to save you time. All items were manufactured in Asia for OTC then repacked by Heart Felt Play Store with you in mind.

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 Inspred by our pets adn our faovite books about dogs. Get inspeired with more dogs adn cats activities; treats and party games on No Non-cents Nanna' It Raining Cats and Dogs Board on Pinterest.

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