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Make more roars for dinosaurs!

Kids LOVE temporary tattoos for little rewards for a job well done as well as party party favors for a ROARING Dinosaur party.

  • 5 different dinosaurs in this set
  • apx 2" each
  • Safe and Non-toxic manufactored for OTC.
  • Easy to apply and Easy to remove
  • Temporary tattoos may be a solution to the kids using magic markers to draw their own tattoos.


Heads up on shipping fee:

  • Shipping fee is added at check out is minimum of $4.00 for most items with the exception of the temporary tattoos and stickers. When the tempoary tattoos are ordered individually they can be mailed in a letter envelope for a $1.00 shipping and handling fee.
  • No Non-cents Nanna suggests to add-on to more party favors or larger items to absorb the shipping costs. When estimated shipping costs of mulitiple items exceeds the all packing and shipping fees No Non-cents Nanna refunds a portion of over shiping payment. No Non-cents Nanna rules apply that is fair to all when combinations of size and weight will vary with each individual order. shipping is calcuated on individual products.
  • Larger orders are subject to surprises  picked by No Non-cents Nanna slipped into some orders. When ever possbile and subject to whim No Non-cents Nanna emails cutomers with quanity discounts not valid with other discounts offers.

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