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 Dinosaur Scene Fun for One.*

  • Kids may create and re-create a pre-historic paper scene with re-postional dinosaur stickers. 
  • TIP from Non Non-cents Nanna: keep the paper scene in a plastic sleeve in a 3 ring binder and the self sticking shapes in a zip lock bag for a busy bag kind of activity.
  • Sold invidually

One Dinosaur Sticker Scene Set includes:

  1. One sheet of 34 acid free stickers that may be repostioned as child wishes. ( Not adhesive)
  2. One 11 x 8 1/2 paper pre-historic scene to decorate.

WARNING! Not intended for children under age 3. Choking hazard

Temporary Tattoos, stickers, and little plastic bugs, only, are now priced to include shipping and handling. Yes, parents may request this order be addressed to your child's name along with a personal note from No Non-cents Nanna.

  • Tho' most Heart Felt Play store orders happily arrive at our customers doors within 3-5 days, please allow up to 2 weeks, just in case of Murphy's Law. Our limited Inventory is mailed by USPS directly from Heart Felt Play Store in beautiful Colorado.

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