Dinosaur Spine T-shirts: Worn by a Dummy

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This dinosaur T-shirts are about to go extinct.

  • Polyester cotton blend youth size T-shirt have felt dinosaur spine machine sewn up the back of the shirt. One has puffy paint spatters while the other remaining display shirt is plain.
  • These remaining green shirts are for the bigger boys wearing youth sizes. No Non-cents Nanna encourgages to waer 'em big then stuff a pillow over the belly.

Check out the very popular Dinosaur Mask Set of 6 masks with Free temporary dinosaur tattoos.

Also, included in Worn by a Inventory Sell-out  is Heart Felt Play Store hand crafted dinosaur tails that you will really want to view.

Note: this exact item will not be repeated on Heart Felt Play store in the future. 

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