Dinosaur Skeleton set of 6

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Dinosaur Skeleton set of 6

Set of 6 different 5 1/2" dinosaurs skeletons right down to the bare bones.

Dinosaur themes are fastinating for pre-K children and elementary shool ages to study.

  • Reward:

What kid would not want to collect a whole bag of dino bones as a reward for a job well done?

  • Party favor
  • Paleontology play: freeze in ice for a frozen Tundra; burry in clean sand or potting soil to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • Cake decoration
  • Comparisons: compare to see what is different about each of the 6 dinosaur skeletons.
  • Identify the skeletons with pictures of the "Big Lizards" with their skin on.
  • Make a mobile for room decore.

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