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Hatch your own 2" plastic dinosaur toy from a pretend prehistoric plastic egg hunt game.

Dinosaur party favor eggs * sold individually *. Get them before they go extinct!

The 2nd image shows the remaining variety of colors that are still available.* ( These are the only 8 still in existence at Heart Felt Play Store World. Sold seperately while supply lasts. You may still have time to order the last ones for Easter Egg Hunt Jurasic style if you hurry.)

Let's make a deal. Be the fun family to order 7 dinosaur eggs-

( pay $7 and CEO Malika Bourne will give you the 8th egg FREE! We don't want to leave one lonely egg all one, now do we?)

  • Mailed in bubble wrap envelope with cardboard lining.
  • Shipping fee added at check out is minimum of $4.00
  • Suggested to add on to more party favor add-on's or larger item to absorb the shipping costs. When estimated shipping of mulitiple items exceeds the all packing and shipping fees No Non-cents Nanna refunds a portion of over payment. No Non-cents Nanna rules apply.

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*It has not been determined if this exact manufactured item will return to Heart Felt Play Store inventory or not. Another style of dinosuar eggs are being considered.

Note: I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.

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