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Hand-crafted dinosaur cap bring dinosaurs back to life for kids.

These are not your ordinary manufactured base ball caps in kids sizes. Heart Felt Play Store re-created green caps with google eyes, big white felt teeth and colorful spikes, hot glue.

This Heart Felt Play Store item has been reduced because it was worn by a dummy for display in local retail store.  Click to browse blog post fo an extra discount code.

  • Each dinosaur cap is uniquely different from each other. and sold seperatly. Once the limited supply is sold out this Heart Felt Play Store design will go EXTINCT!
  • Boys and girls love the dinosaur theme for parties and pre-k learning units. Great for dress-up dramatic play and perfect dinosaur party favor for guests over age 3 to take home.

WARNING: Not for children under age 3: google eyes could come unglued if child sucks or chews on them.

  • Wipe clean with damp clothe only. These one of kind dinosaur caps for kids will surely die if they are put in the washing machine.
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