Bugs: Plastic Dragonfly Set of 4

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Bugs: Plastic Dragonfly Set of 4

When you only want 4 plastic dragon flies instead of a whole insect collection...buy this only set of dragon flies

These bugs are only about 1" Fun for a gag, but, be WARNED: Choking hazards Not for children under age 3.

Glue one or glue all 4 onto a craft project or as a party favor.

  • count 'em for math
  • sort 'em for science
  • glue'em
  • decorate with 'em
  • bug someone
  • use 'em as a gag/ April Fools prank ( Please be cautious)

WARNING! Not for children under age 3.

No Non-cents Nanna is trying something new. She is splitting up a big bag of bugs. Unfortunately there were only 4 lady dragon flies in the manufactured bag from my whole seller.

Express your self! Can you use one kind of popular plastic bug and pay a litle more for convience or do you want the entire mixed bag of bugs.

  • *Allow up to 7 to 14 days for delivery, so, order early*. (Generally orders arrive at customer's door with in 3-5  days, but,No Non-cents Nanna is not able make any promises.)
  • No Non-cents Nanna's RULES apply. Heart Felt Play reserves the right to refuses any order. 
  •  I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.

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