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Malika Bourne, The No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store offers you old fashioned personal service at affordable prices on unique(generic) dress-up clothes, sensory play itemes for home and the classroom; kid's favorite party favors all with an educational twist to enhance early childhood development and learning in small quantities adjusted to your needs upon request.

 We never make you buy a gross of widgets when you only want 2 or 3. If you don't see exactly what you want please feel free to start the conversation with the No Non-cents by Nanna by using the contact form on any catalog page. Allow one business day for the owner to personally respond to your request asssuming weather has not affected time zone nor weather related communication..

Heart Felt Play Store is different...

Heart Felt Play Store was founded by one grand mother home-based operation, assisted by family. There are no paid employees. No ware-house either.

This is an on-line catalog sales business only and is NOT open to the public. On occassion we will do a local POP-up shop. Our service and profit margain are not the like the BIG CHAIN STORE corperations. This is why No Non-cents Nanna can still offer you the customer personal service with a smile on No Non-cents Nanna terms.

Should you like to use the phone to call, please do so during normal business hours, only, and promptly identify your self as a customer to seperate yourself from a pesky foreign phone solicitors that get hung up on..

Inventory is purchased whole sale from our long-time favorite supplier who has been in business for over 80 years. Their warehouses in the United States. What this means to you is your orders will never be lost at sea for 2 months as we do not drop ship as many on-line stores are doing. Your orders are inspected and hand packed by No Non-cents Nanna, personally, then mailed via USPS from our Heart Felt Play Store home in Colorado.

Check out a video on our dramtic paly cstume hats/ visors: 


Every order is now photographed with your merchandise and addressed package. The images are sent to you and kept for our records.. We added something new to select products are the MYSTERY GIFTS. You will also recieve an image of the Mystery GIFT will you packaging in progress email. it is mystery as available inventory will vary from time to time; the size of the order and any notes you attached about the number kids in party etc so the mystery gift can be personalized as much as it can be. .. yes, No Non-cents Nanna really does personally respond...Besides  it is too much work to change the catalog every whip stitch during high traffic times...there fore you get a free surprise just for the fun of it..

Who is brains behind No Non-cents Nanna?

The name NoNon-centsNanna.com comes from the blogs and writings of Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna. You can be assured that the No Non-cents Nanna will treat you like family...you know how your own grandma nurtures you with milk and cookies but you'd better follow her rules or you get sent to corner? 

Nanna provides practical tips and advice for family friendly lifestyle changes based on her own life experience as a mother, a grandmother, and over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) specializing in developmental disabilities and early childhood development. 

Malika also worked as a traveling nurse Head Start nurse in Iowa; Developemental Disabilites RN with a speicailty in BEhavior management and Early Childhood educator for foreign university graduate students; and as  Nurse Nancy Camp Nurse in a Mountain Resort.

No Non-cents Nanna was the owner of Nancy's Fancy in Iowa City, Iowa in the late 1980's. Kids could og shop for something fun with their allowance. money.

These experiences have inspired her to create this line of one of a kind, hand-crafted, felt shapes for safe childhood fun. After a while the No Non-cents Nanna discovered Shopify and opened her on-line store in November 2015.

The current inventory product has evolved with the phasing out of most hand crafted to the manufactured supplied by an 80 year old US company trusted by More & More for many years. ( Heart Felt Play Store is a divison of More & More registsered EIN.) We had 2 short term gigs as vendors in local stores. Brick and Mortar merchandise is displayed very differently than on-line catalog products All customers on our email list will be emailed offers for our inventory reduction GRAB BAGS. See video for Sneak Peak. https://youtu.be/3LudIKGTCbs

  • Felt shapes also make fantastic ornaments and decorations for seasonal child's play. Hand-crafted items are being phased out. GRAB BAGS coming soon.
  • Dress-up clothes are afordably priced. 


  • Not for children under age 3.
  • Also carries select manufactured fun and favorite kids themes that may be hard to find in family friendly quantities. We sell small quantities so you don;t have to buy a gross.
  • Hand-crafted items may still be available on request with adequate advanced notice. Due to hand injuries hand-crafted is being phased out except for special order with adequate time.
  • Feel free to contact founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malka Bourne for your questions or concerns by using the form below or skip to the email MalikaBourne2@gmail.com Please type in SUBJECT : Heart Felt Play Store customer to catch owners attention.
  • This one Grandma store is not staffed 24/7. No paid employees.
  • Please allow up to 7 days for response from owner tho' No Non-cents Nanna typically replies within a few hours.

Shipping Policy:

 Typically orders are processed and mailed from the US Post Office within 24 hours and happliy arrive with in 3 to 5 business days. But, that is not always possible with holidays, weather delays, inter-net issues or power outages a trending product goes viral, or the No Non-cents Nanna is temporarily out of commission...(Yep it is has happened all in one week this year with a few ansty mommies who wanted last minute orders.)

Every one wants FREE shipping now days. Amazon has spoiled us all with their Prime. Your requests were listened to and heard. All pricing you see now includes the shipping and handling fees so there is no sticker shock at check out. For our typical small orders it makes check out quick and easy.If you object to this new pricing strategy, please feel free to start the conversation. 

 ...too many details about our mailing costs.

After the regular 59 cents stamp envelope the postage fee for even a small mailing envelope starts at $3. USPS does not give Heart Felt Play Store free shipping like we all want now days.  A typical order being mailed from Heart Felt Play Store costs on average $4 for postage. The envelope costs alone start at 60 each whole sale bulk. On occassion an order will be 1/4 inch too big to fit-the size of envelope will raise the postage fee by $2 or $3 depending on where ti s to be delivered to AND  my cost of the envelope alone will jump to a whopping $3 .When this happens Heart Felt Play Store aborbs the costs.

I, the No Non-cents Nanna used to walk a round trip of 3 miles to mail each order as quickly as I could. If the weather was snowey and icey I would cut my trip to 2 miles round trip and used UPS. UPS is considerably more pricey. I want to care for my customers like family, so ther are times when my cost to mail far outweighed what the customer paid. OUCH!

If I had paid staff I would have to pay them minimum wage to take the mailiings or pay for pick up service as well...well that is not cost effective at all as I would hate to raise the prices I charge youl! I get exercise with a purpose for no charge to my customers.

Order early: or pay the procrastination price.

We moved a few months ago. Now the post office is only a block away. It does not matter when I mail a package. Nothing will leave that post office until 5 pm on weekdays. The close at NOON on Saturdays. Any order placed after 9 am on any Saturday will not leave the post office unitl after 5 pm on Monday. Procrastinaters who want Speedy delivery will be CHARGED EXTRA to accomodate all extra costs incurred!

I simply can NOT offer total FREE shipping on small dollar orders and continue to offer small qualtities Heart Felt Play Store customers enjoy and stay in business- tho' we are more than happy to  fullill. That is why the store exists.We are not Wal mart and never intend to be... It is just that the Mail Man expects us to buy postage like eveyone else and packaging cost money too.

With so many variables our AUTO shipping has no HEART. but, No Non-cents Nanna does. So, when orders are over $39 Nanna will make manual adjusts on a case by case basis and refund a  reasonable portion. A robot nor pay chek employee will care. This is personal service you can expect from Heart Felt Play Store owner, Malika Bourne. FREE hsipping form most busiensses are not really FREE. The expence is build into the price. Keep in mind you can earn BEANS based on the price you pay at check out. ( Postage fees included in new Heart Felt Play Store pricing will give you more BEANS rewards that you can use for more buying power as loyal customer. BEANS  is an auto app installed from a 3rd party.)

Order early. Stock in limited.

Please  order 2 to 4 weeks before your special event. Stock is limited to keep costs down for eveyone. Allow 7 to 14 days for your order to arrive at your door by USPS just in case of Murphy's Law or bad weather.

Last order for Halloween delivery should be in no later than October 3rd.

Last order for Christmas stocking stuffers and other Deeember gift giving events should be placed no later than December 5th. tho' Our vounteer elves will do eveything possible to accomdate your wishes provided the items have not sold out.

Full of BEANS!

Now Heart Felt Play Store is full of COOL BEANS. You get rewarded in BEANS for your purchases and referring the little shop. You have to join the BEANS rewards program (3rd party app installed on Heart Felt Play Store. BEANS are not transferable to any other Shopify Store nor do they have cash value. BEANS are kinds of like barter.)

Word of Mouth advertising will keep prices low for you.

To keep advertising a minimum customers can help with word of mouth advertising.  With a review along with your images using the product your purchased from Heart Felt Play Store...good, bad or even UGLY as long as it is honest. Post on our FACEBOOK and wait for admin approval process on the biz page. Make it as complete as possible including the catalog page or the just the store url. Be sure to protect your child's privacy. Once approved Malika Bourne, store founder and owner, will manually reward you BEANS on a case by case basis. No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store

Watch us Grow in 2017 and earn more BEANS!

Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna



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