Dinosaur Tattoos: party favor add-on

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Make more roars for dinosaurs!

Kids LOVE temporary tattoos for little rewards for a job well done as well as party party favors for a ROARING Dinosaur party. Limited time BOGO! Buy 1 set and get 1 set FREE.

  • 5 different dinosaurs in this set (Limited stock. Let us know if you wish a substitute or wait a few days for restocking if sold out.)
  • apx 2" each
  • Safe and Non-toxic manufactured for OTC.
  • Easy to apply and Easy to remove
  • Temporary tattoos may be a solution to the kids using magic markers to draw their own tattoos.
  • Please read our shipping policy before purchase.


    Temporary Tattoos are now priced to include shipping and handling. Yes, parents may request this order be addressed to your child's name along with a personal note from No Non-cents Nanna. 

  • YOU GOT SNAIL MAIL is what you have been waiting for. With your permission Mom or Dad your kids can get mail addressed to them. Inside will be a fun letter and random stickers or temporary tattoos. 
  • Good news! Postage/ handling fee is now included in the price.


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