Dinosaur Tattoos

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$ 2.00 
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10 Temporary tattoos in kids favorite DINOSAUR designs

Usually Heart Felt Play Store tattoos are sold in smaller sets of 4 or 6...OOPS! We sold out on a few of dinosaurs in a set design series...so you get to grab 'em while they last.

Mailed* out in an envelope if ordered seperately. Pease attach a note if you wish these temporary tattoos addressed to your child's name. 

WARNING! Not for children under age 3.

Temporary Tattoos, stickers, and little plastic bugs are now priced to include shipping and handling. Yes, parents may request this order be addressed to your child's name along with a personal note from No Non-cents Nanna.

Note: I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.

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