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This dinosaur T-shirt is now extinct for on-line sales. But they are on their way back!

 Standing by are red, green, and black youth size T-shirts ready to have color coordinated felt spines sewn on the back for dinosaur T-shirt to go with new supply of stuffed dinosaur tails.

  • Polyester cotton blend youth size T-shirt have felt dinosaur spine machine sewn up the back of the shirt. 
  • Message for size requests and color availablitity
  • No Non-cents Nanna encourages to order a bit larger size so you can stuff 'em to grow big!
  • No guarantee as to exact color matches nor availabitly of any color. ( I buy cheap T-shirts getting only what is in stock from supplier)
  • Not meant for sleep wear.
  • Shipping and applicable taxes are added at check out.

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Note: this exact item as pictured will not be repeated on Heart Felt Play store in the future. When pre-ordered with pre-paid agreement No Non-cents Nanna will let you know what colors and sizes of T-shirts are available at that time. Before shipping you will recieve the images of your shirts via email.

Having a small inventory help to keep prices as low as possible; this old Nanna is very budget minded with a very small work space.


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