3 Butterfly DIY Masks for the Kids to Color Their Way

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 Are you looking for a cheap BUTTERFLY craft or BUG party activity?

Heart Felt Play Store now carries Color Your Own Butterfly Masks sets of 3 different super hero designs. You get all 3 butterfly masks in each order. Now that we have included the postage and handling fees in the price we have added a MYSTERY gift just for fun.

Pass out as a  party favor; use as a photo prop: affordable class room incentives.

  • Each thick paper masks comes with a latex* elastic cord to attach. 
  • Kids can use their own crayons or markers to add just the right colors to their super hero mask(s) for a fun party craft or party favor activity.
  • Eyes are already cut-out, so you won't need to worry about cutting.
  • 8"- 8 3/4"
  • To make these thick paper masks lasts a bit longer, after coloring, No Non-cents Nanna suggests her old trick of laminating.
  • Manufactured in China for © OTC
  • Explore the store for more butterfly crafts: stamps or Life Cycle sticker.  Color Your Own Big Bug Masks sets with 1 designs
  • Mystery gifts will will be stickers or tempoary tattoos with the butterfly theme. It is mystery today as the availabity will change oftne. You will be emailed the image prior to mailing.

 Shipping policy:

  • Good news! Postage/ handling fee is now included in the price. no more sticker shock when you see the postage fee the mail man expects.
  • Tho' most order happily arrive at Heart Felt Play Store customers' door within 3 to 5 days, please allow up to 2 weeks just in case of Murphy's Law or bad weather.

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