POP-UP POS Heart Felt Play Store at BeMore Event Center April 8, 2017l

POP-up event sales are POS ( Point of Sale charges. )

This works for items not pictured in catalog for this April 8th, 2017 Colorado Springs event ONLY!

SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 2017 Heart Felt PLAY STORE will POP-Up with boxes of fun stuff for kids. at: Spring Into Gifts Expo. Browse the Heart Felt Play store catalog prior to this April 8th event in Colorado Springs if you wish before to the event for pick-up there.. (Must have validation/ confirmation from store owner.)

BeMore Event Center
3958 Academy Boulevard North #103, Colorado Springs, Colorado


OPEN TO THE Public Spring Into Gifts Expo.
"Shop with your local small business owners for gifts for Easter, Mother's Day , graduations and weddings. Bring the kids they can have an Easter Egg hunt while you shop We will also have a Fashion Show by Eva Juzwiak with Saunders Costumes who won The Colorado Peoples Choice Awards for best fashion designer."
  • Simply choose from the Heart Felt Play Store theme box. Most items are priced: $1; $2; $2.50; $3; $4; $5; $7.50; $10.00 up to $50 ( example Dress-up box) for easy figuring. For a few items we may need to add up more than sale to equal the right amount. other items are already featured in the Haert Felt Play Store catalog collections.Not all items will be taken to the event-some may sell out prior to the event date.
  • No sure of the price or want to Make a Deal for an armful of unique stuff for the kids? Just ask. But, be ware, No Non-cents Nanna's rules always apply in every situation!
  • Each sale is "rung-up" via No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play store phone ap. We can take most credit cards and Pay Pal. Cash is prefered for less than $1 sales...and YES, tax is charged and included on those 25 cents sales.
  • Each individual price has its own catalog page with a list of items to be sold at that very special prices.
  • Yes, you may purchase anything on any catalog page at this pop-up event. There is no way Nanna can haul it all over the BEMore Event Center. So, should I not have everything that you see on the catalog page, I will send it to you FREE -just ask for a FREE shipping CODE or we can make arrangements for you to pick up at a public location near by the BeMore Event Center within 2 to 48 hours after this Pop-up.
  • A list of items (without imgaes) that will be taken to the BeMore event April 8th show will be published on each POP-up page with the $ amount in the ttile. ..Nanna is too old to be so-o-o taking pictures of little eveything for so-o-o many pages.
Dress-up theme boxes have their own prices set with their own catalog page.

Is the Heart Felt Play store check out line too long?

  • Save time by using your own phone ap to purchase.
  • Ring up your own sale like you would on-line.
  • When your purchase is all paid for: Show to Malika and off you go! Malika will give you a verification sticker and shoppig bag or box that shows you have paid.
Pick-up at pop-up location...no shipping fees.
Colorado Springs and Colorado Sales tax is charged.