Dog Ears and Nose: Hound Dog Costume Set

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Hound Dog Ears/ Nose Set

Halloween or a school play kids and kids at heart can dress-up like hound dog with this set of big hound dog ears and latex dog nose.  

Last day to order for Halloween is October 23 by 3pm Denver time. Inventory is going..going...almost sold out. When SOLD OUT check out the short ear set:Dress-up Dog Ears and Nose: short pointed ears

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  • Headband with large floppy cloth dog ears
  • Latex dog nose with elastic string

Early childhood benefits:

  • dramatic play
  • science
  • small motor/ manipulative
  • imagination fun
  • organization

Warning! Not for children under age 3

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  • Good news! Postage/ handling fee is now included in the price..
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