Dinosaur Tails Stuffed and Ready to Wear Purple

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Dinosaur Tails Stuffed and Ready to  Wear Purple

Stuffed dinosaurs tails to belt on then drag behind the kid's behind for a dinosaur party; dress-up or school play. 

The Purple dinosaur tail with green dots is sold on this page.. The No Non-cents Nanna had to seperate the red dinosaur tail and green dinosaur tail then send them to their own pages.  

Choose from 3 colors measure 22 inches long with an adustable waist band fastener. Order PURPLE only on this page.

  • Purple with green trim
  • Green with orange trim 
  • Red with yellow trims


    • Allow 15 days for delivery, so, order early*. (Typically orders happily arrive at customer's door with in 3 - 5 days via USPS directy from Heart Felt Pay Store in Colorado.
    •  I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.

    • Accepting special order requests for dinosaur shirts with felt triangles on spine. Use contact form to inquire.

    Feel free to contact founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store for your questions or concerns by using the form below.

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