Wrinkled BUT Affordably Priced Woman's TEE Tops

I have at least 100 exciting and brand new embellished woman's TEE shirts to sell on my Shopify store and each one at an affordable price.

Now, this afforable price of lovely woman blouses is WIN! WIN! for you me, both.

Keep reading for my excuses to offer you some HUGE savings on these TEE's

But, I may be shooting myself in the foot because they show those packaging wrinkles which I don't have time to iron the images.

What would you do if you were me? 


Note to husband wanting to buy a bargain gift for Valentines day STOP to read:

  • BABY  BOOMER WIVES:These embellished Woman's TEE shirts are a favorite style for mature woman like my self.  We prefer comfort and styles that fllatter our figures. The added bling gives us some zing to the way we feel. No pun intended in the title...
  • YOUNG GIRL FRIENDS and WIVES: If you are looking for a Valentine's gift for young woman EXIT now. She will prefer a thong wrapped up with big red bow after a fancy diner and wine.


Click the link to view and order from this limited time bargain hunters collection:

Exciting and New

Why do I have one each of a 100 or so size large woman's embellished TEEs to sell any way, when I sell stuff for kids, you may ask?

Here is the deal: I am the founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store on-line as well as owning a little shoppe, Heart Felt Play Store, within a local Colorado Springs anchor store DBA Creative Expressions occ owned by my friend. Sandy Tramaglino of Expressions by Sandy

Sandy is a generous community minded person whom people reach out to.

  • Recently a woman asked if she would help with a problem involving her relative, a shop-aholic. She had no idea of what she was going to do with boxes upon boxes of brand new clothes her relative bought but could never wear them all. She could donate them, but..she needed pay up some of the bills.
  • I say we help this lady and help our selves to some bargians tho' they may have packaging wrinkles!


 Currently the work area in back of Creative Expressions occ is full of boxes of size large beautfiul woman's clothes. (Personally, I WANT them ALL for myself!)

Most of them are brand new with the tags attached. I had helped Sandy go through those boxes for warm items that may have been worn once then washed.

  • Gently worn warm hats, gloves and coats were donated to people in immediate need of warm winter wear.
  • Sandy sold expensive warm sweaters in the store at Christmas time for such an amazing low price. That really helpedour neighbors who live on a budget.
  • But, who wants to buy the spring and summer TEE tops when it is still ski season in Colorado? Summer and Spring wear is not the usual Christmas gift in Colorado.

Sandy put the warm weather things aside...but this retail store  is preparing for the upcoming busy tourist season to sell the works of artists and craft-makers, like myself...not boxes of a limited size of woman's TEE's. Even tho' they are fabulous, they are not the store's niche of products. We need some ELBOW ROOM in the next few weeks.

 Publishing images on my Shopify store seems to be the utimate way to let mature woman, like me, who wear size Large, enjoy a bargain and help out this woman fairly quickly. I am volunteering my time and catalog space, but not enough time to do a job with presentable photos of everything.

So why are the emblished tops not ironed? 

The most important reason I did not iron these very cool woman's shirts:

You are NOT supposed to iron Wash and Wear EVER!

I only have one each of any of these embellished shirts that want you ladies to purchase at a bargain price. I want to get the images out on these spring and summer wear before winter comes back again in 2018.

Packaging Wrinkles or No Wrinkies? I choose wrinkles and lower prices.


Want FREE Shipping? .....................................SKIP the above and Continue Below


Begining February 14, 2017 and ending February 28, 2017 be the first 10 customers to BUY 2 TEEs or more ( order should total $30 or above) And enter this code: Buy2TEES4FREEship. 

There is NO cash value on this code nor is their any refunds on shipping should you fail to do so after the first 10 use the code. for United States customers ONLY.

*Please note: I still have a ton of images to post then remove as the TEEs sell. Since you are patiently waiting for that free shiping to kick in on February 14th I have a special limited time super-dooper deal for you:

Enter this code at check out for 20% off anything currently in stock in my Heart Felt Play Store catalog. Heart Felt Play Store Catalog Expires February 10, 2017

The code is: EARLY BIRD Gets the Best Bargain

No cash value. No refunds. No Non-cents Nanna's rules apply.




Live in Colorado Springs? Then you may keep reading...

I have still huge heart felt savings in mind for you, my neighbors at the anchor store with all the boxes. I need your help to save me from having to photograph and publish 94 more TEE's..i'm not complaining.

Here is the local deal for Colorado Springs only who get on over to Creative Expressions occ, 2501 west Colorado ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904.

I am offering you POINT of SALE CASH AND CARRY on February 8, 9, 10 and 11 ONLY ...Buy 3 embellished TEEs for only $20!

CASH only. No cards accepted on this this deal. City and state taxes will be collected. No HOLDS. No exceptions.

(This offer does NOT include black leather jacket, nor  knit sweaters )

Write down this discount code: "Nanna told me to come here." MUST present your secret code before check and AND pay with cash... This code is not valid with any other vendors product in the store.

No cash value. No refunds. No Non-cents Nanna's rules apply.

(Creative Expressions occ is in the Old Town Plaza. It is where that free parking is on 25th and west Colorado ave. The big Old Town Plaza CLOCK is there on the corner.Pull into that parking lot. From the street it may look like an office building, but it is full of great merchants.)

 Feel FREE to contact owner of Heart Felt Play sTore, that me, by using the contact form.

I love it when you share!


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