Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Facebook Event May 6 to May 19

Malika Bourne

Heart Felt Play Store is hosting and inviting parents, grandparents and teachers to join in a  2 week long Facebook event beginning May 6 to May 19, 2017.

This learning event is open for sneak peaks NOW as it is being set up. Heart Felt Play Store owner gets to read and learn from your honest opinions and you, the potential customer, gets to express yourself while earning some little prizes and discounts.

Heart Felt Play Store is Fun Not Fancy


Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids
Public Join event today.
· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store
  • May 6May 19
    May 6 at 2 PM to May 19 at 5 PM MDT

There is no obligation to ever purchase from Heart Felt Play Store. (Restrictions apply *)

Your opinion counts at Heart Felt play Store. You have the rare opportunity to voice your opinion as the foundation for a small company is being built from the ground up.

Watch Heart Felt Play Store GROW bigger!

  • Come as you are any time during May 6 to May 19. then the event will POOF! Disappear!
  • Stay as long or a short of time as you like when ever you want. Share an dpin all the fabulous ideas you like.
  • Note the event is only moderated during No Non-cents Nanna waking hours with No Non-cents Nanna rules always is the final word. *
  • For those who chose to engage, interact and participate by following directions* will be eligable to recieve some little prizes.
  • The No Non-cens Nanna will offer limited time discounts on Heart Felt Play store products. Stock is limited in this 'one grandma operation' so you will have to GRAB the deals FAST. No holds. No repeats. No exceptions...ok there maybe an Subject RAIN CHECK.
  • There will be opportunities for other small businesses, ie local bakers/ cake decorators,  to self promote with these related themes provided your follow the directions that include JOINING the event prior to posting.. The idea is taht a cake decoractor might ofer a suggestion to check out Heart Felt Play store for party favors. Inapropriate and spam will be deleted a the discretion of moderator and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne.
  • Read and comment on ONY the posts yu want when you want. Do ONLY the surveys you want to do. ( Information is only for the purpose of marketing of Heart Felt Play Store  Not sold. Not shared) Keep in mind the mosre you particiapte and follow directions the more little prizes you can earn.*

Details of Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Facebook Event

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store for small business promotion wher the potentila custor can voice their view point.
Heart Felt Play sells fun stuff for kids. the No Non-cents Nanna invites parents with kids ages 3 to 9 to express your honest opinion on kids favorie theme like DINOSAURS. You get rate from appeal; budget; is all volunteer for fun with a chance to grab some awesome disounts. Who knows, local businesses may team up

Click HERE to join the May 6 to May 19 event today.

Invite your family, friends and kdis teachers to the event. Send Malika Bourne, owner of Heart Felt Play Store you invitation list for a little pirze in the mail at the end of the event. the No Non-cents Nanna promises not to use that list for any thing but to identify and verify how much promotional help you gave to Heart Felt Play Store...yep, Nanna is still very old fashioned. Privacy is respected.



Heart Felt Play Store is still small but growing bier every month. In order to keep prices afforable for budget minded partens, grandparents "we" must do advertisng the cheap way by asking for help.

The greater the participation and sales conversion the bigger and better the rewards to the participants will be.

There are NO FREE RIDES on this ole' No Non-cents Nanna's watch. When ever a company gives FREEBIES or discount coupons it is with the goal to make new or repeat customers.

No Non-cents Nann's Hear Felt play store does NOT share Macy's policy of "the customer is always right". Instead owner Malika Bourne treats you, the customer, like family with the No Non-cents Nanna rules.


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