Do Chickens Have Lips and More Silly Questions

Malika Bourne

Raise your hand if you know whether a chicken has lips or not!

Now, that I have your attention, I will tell you why I asked that silly question.

 This Farm post first was written for  No Non-cents Nanna blogs on Http://NoNn-centsNanna.com

  •  This post has a few silly questions about farm animals to get us started.

No, Chickens do not have lips. They are toothless, too.

  • As you ask your small children these questions, record their answers on paper or video just for fun to embarrass them when they are teens.


  1. If the mommy cow’s name is Mommy Cow and the baby cow is name Baby Cow, what is the Daddy Cow’s name?
  2. If a white cow gives white milk, what color of cow gives chocolate milk?
  3. Why did the pig roll in the mud before it crossed the road?
  4. What Beauty Shop do sheep go to to get their hair fixed?
  5. If cows have calves, chicken have chicks, horses have foals, what do you call a goat’s baby.
  6. What do you call a male/ boy goat?
  7. The largest bird on the farm is a _____. The male bird is called ____?

I lived on a farm in Iowa when I was young. Can you guess which one is me?

Old Farm Girl Answers:

  1. Female/ mommy cattle are called COWS. Baby  male cattle  CALVES are called male calves and female calves are called female CALVES. There is NO DADDY COW! Male cattle are called BULLS, unless you give the male cattle the name “Daddy Cow”. But, it is NOT a cow.
  2. Dairy cows , mother cows,  all give white milk no matter the color of the cow. People add chocolate, coloring and flavoring to white milk to make chocolate milk.
  3. Crossing the road is irrelvant. Pigs actually are pretty smart and they like to be clean. So, why do they roll in the mud? They do not sweat like people do. Sweat cools us off. Therefore, pigs need to roll n the mud (water and dirt) too cool off.
  4. Ha-ha! Sheep have fleece called wool, not hair. The Sheep Shearers shear that fleece off in one piece. Keeps sheep cooler in summer. That wool can matt pretty bad-worse than tangles in your hair.The wool is then cleaned then combed and spun into yarn to be woven into wool cloth. (It itches some people, but it help keep people warm.)
  5. A KID. No, kidding, baby goats are called kids.The mommy goat are called a NANNY GOAT..
  6. The Male/ boy, daddy goat is called a BILLY GOAT.
  7. The male/ turkey is called TOM TURKEY.


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